Terms and Conditions

  1. Australian Car Transport will be referred to as ACT in the rest of this document.
  2. ACT facilitates the transport of vehicles between any two places located anywhere in Australia using contracted carriers.
  3. ACT does not transport vehicles that are 30 years old or older.
  4. ACT does not guarantee delivery times or promises made by their contracted carriers. Vehicle transit times are provided by the individual contracted carriers and are estimates only. Transit times may vary due to peak periods, acts of nature and backlogs etc. Do not plan holidays, trips and/or meetings etc using estimated transit times. Estimated transit times are calculated from the day the vehicle is collected or dropped off to our depot. ACT or it's contract carriers are not responsible for delays or excess transit times. Refunds or compensation claims will not be entered into regarding excess transit times.
  5. When a vehicle is booked as a door collection or delivery, due the access of some locations we will not always be able to get our vehicles right up to the actual address. In these cases we will either get as close as we can or arrange a "call to meet the driver" point. This will usually be a car dealership or service station that has the required access for our vehicles. You will be required to get the car to this point at the required time.
  6. All vehicles travelling into WA will go through a quarantine process which is a legal requirement. All vehicle interiors must be completely clean prior to pick-up. If a vehicle requires cleaning prior to quarantine inspection the customer will be charged any costs involved in this process. Further charges may also be applicable for re-assessment.
  7. ACT use contracted carriers and accepts no responsibility for any of their actions, their suggestions or their failure to deliver to their agreed terms. ACT can not and will not accept any responsibility for the outcomes of their contracted carriers. ACT can not and will not be held liable for any of the business practices of their contracted carriers.
  8. All prices quoted by ACT Logistics include fuel levy, GST and Transit Warranty (if provided) by the contracted carrier. All prices quoted are based on current market trends day and may vary on a daily basis either up or down. You are bound by the individual contracted carriers terms and conditions. Please refer to their individual terms and conditions of carriage and warranty policy details. A copy is usually provided on the reverse side of their condition report and/or transit paperwork. Please contact ACT immediately should you wish to increase the warranty value for your vehicle. Please refer to each contract carriers warranty for full details. Goods in vehicles, after market accessories, modified items etc, are not covered under any warranty.
  9. All warranty claims must be addressed directly with the contracted carrier/s and not ACT. ACT is not liable and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to a vehicle while in transit with their contracted carriers. Please note that an excess may apply. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the warranty cover, please contact the carrier/s directly for their full Terms and Conditions.
  10. All vehicles booked with ACT must be empty of all personal possessions without exception. This includes spare car parts, luggage, CD's and sunglasses etc. Please advise ACT immediately should you require assistance with transporting of personal possessions separately from your vehicle.
  11. All vehicles booked as drivable vehicles must have steering, brakes, handbrake, battery and wheels/tyres in full working order, all windows and windscreens intact and all seats in place and secured in order for your vehicle to be driven on and off the transporter. Please advise ACT immediately should your vehicle not meet any of the above-mentioned requirements or you have any questions relating to this.
  12. Transport must be paid in full to ACT before ACT will arrange and confirm transport with their contracted carriers. All online payments are via NAB Secure Online gateway.
  13. Booking cancellations attract a cancellation fee of $150. Bookings cancelled on the day of the collection will not be refunded at all. Further charges may also apply for futile collections or cars deemed as non drivable.
  14. ACT Logistics reserves the right to change or amend any of our Terms and Conditions without notification.
  15. ACT Logistics reserves the right to cancel or decline bookings at any time without explanation. This includes declining any quoted price generated by the online quoting system, that has either been accepted or paid for.
  16. By submitting a quote request with or sending an email to ACT or any web site associated with the Jay Cee Ess Global PL Group of Companies, you are agreeing to receive unsolicited emails on future promotions, services and/or products from any of their Companies.

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