Train delays to and from Perth

Released 18/02/2019

Pacific National Rail advises that there was a derailment over the weekend effecting SA/WA movements. At this stage, Pacific National have advised there will be significant delays to any in transit vehicles and any further movements will be cancelled until it is rectified. They are unable to suggest when the line will be re-opened but we will post updates as we have them.

Interstate Car Transport News

Released 2/11/2018

Where has 2018 gone?!  As we have entered into November and Christmas is only 7 weeks away, we are moving into one of the busiest times of year when it comes to the interstate car transport and car shipping industry.  Things to note to all of our customers...

The Future is Bright

Released 25/07/2018

America’s other EV futurist talks autonomous electric transport

Driverless cars may soon be a reality

Released 5/05/2016

Swedish auto manufacturing giant, Volvo, has indicated it will be trialing driverless cars - as soon as next year.

Thinking of buying a new dual cab ute? Have a read here first

Released 27/03/2016

Have a read of our new article on dual cab utes and their increased towing capacity?  What does it mean and what is important for you to think through before purchasing?  

Back for a bigger and better 2016!

Released 4/01/2016

We'd like to wish all of our customers a wonderful and safe 2016!

Summer interstate car transport

Released 18/12/2015

Summer is our busiest period for interstate car transport, particularly as it's the end of year and many people are relocating interstate in preparation for the new year and new starts in states, homes, schools and jobs.  The Australian Car Transport team, highly recommends giving yourself plenty of time to secure spots on trucks and get your car moving!

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Volvo manufacturers have revealed that they will be trialling an ambitious Autonomous Driving System in the UK next year. Heading to London hoping to reduce pollution.    Volvo&rs ...


Thanks to Australian Car Transport for moving my beloved ute from Melbourne to Perth!  My ute arrived without a scratch and the 2 girls in the office I spoke with were friendly and happy to an ...