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Quick & easy Car Transport in Melbourne to Perth and back again!

As Australia’s leading car carrier, we are the obvious choice for your Car Transport Melbourne to Perth. Whether you have a sedan, a 4WD or a van – we specialise in getting it from A to B in a simple, streamlined and hassle-free way. Our depot-to-depot network offers you one of the cheapest ways to transport your vehicle, and we also have door-to-door services available in most major capital centres.
Whilst in our possession, your car will be covered by a warranty, with standard cover up to $80,000. Please note that our estimated transit time for our Car Transportation Services is 9 business days.

Interstate Car Transport Services in Melbourne to Perth

When it comes to transport, you always think about giving the responsibility of your car to the best in this field. Australian Car Transport provides you with the best Car Transport Service from Melbourne to Perth and/or return.

The best car transport service in Melbourne

With years in the car and motorcycle transport industry, you can easily depend on our vehicle transport service and moreover and ensure complete satisfaction. Whether your car is a sedan, van or a 4WD, we specialise in getting them from Melbourne to Perth or Perth to Melbourne in a reliable and hassle free way.

Our unique selling feature is our price, that is - cheapest car transport service due to our depot to depot network facility. We also have a door to door service for most major capital cities which makes the work easier for our customers. Our service covers your car with throught a  warranty with a standard cover of up of $80,000.  We generally take 9 days for car transport from Melbourne to Perth.

Online car transportation quote

To get an instant online car transport quote and to receive the best car transport Melbourne service look no further than Australian Car Transport!  Our website makes it super quick and easy to get an instant car transport quote and book online. Simply enter a few details, make your payment, and you’re ready to go!

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