Volvo to trial driverless cars

Volvo manufacturers have revealed that they will be trialling an ambitious Autonomous Driving System in the UK next year. Heading to London hoping to reduce pollution. 
Volvo’s all-embracing commitment is to ensure that “no person is killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by 2020”. The trial will start in 2017 with a limited number of Semi-Autonomous Driving (AD) cars and expect to expand in 2018 to include up to 100 Ad cars.
Volvo car’s president feels that there are a lot of benefits to these vehicles and feel they should be allowed in the streets as soon as possible. He believes the sooner these AD cars are on the roads, the sooner lives will start being saved, however, the car industry cannot do this all by themselves. We need governmental help.
If the trial is successful, the “Drive Me” London scheme could help significantly reduce the risk of car accidents as well as free up traffic congestion. They believe these new AD cars will allow traffic to run a lot quicker and smoother.
As one of the first trials to have real families driving these vehicles on public roads, Volvo hopes the experience is successful, and suitable for real-world driving conditions.
We can only hope. I know we’d love to try one out!
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